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Structure to overturn the common sense! It also leads to robot education

ArTec Co., LTD.
They have 9000 or more the original teaching materials

The Japanese learning materials market's on the downside because birth rate and an aging population. However, ArTec Co., LTD. has continued to grow as learning materials manufacturer. They are grown by a unique product development.

Their products have been used kindergartens and nursery, elementary school, junior high, high school, vocational school, university in the Japan through about 3,000 stores distributor. They listen to the demands of the teachers from the agency. In some cases they hear the requests directly from the teacher. They think about it, "whether it, others not manufactured?", "Is it meet the needs of education?". And they have been prompt decision what can be commercialized in the monthly national sales meeting. They continue the development of more than 500 teaching materials every year. Their products are such as arts and crafts, chemical experience, athletic meets, recital, crime and disaster prevention, technology and home economics, original materials are more than 9,000 of wonder. They are motto "make whatever necessary in education", good at providing you learn to touch by hand (HANDS ON) materials at a low price and high quality.

They have unique product development capabilities

ArTec in order to quickly commercialize the needs of customers, they are doing a "team sales" in cooperation development team and sales team. They are carried out in the Planning Department of the actual product planning, development, and production catalogs. It’s Planning Office; there are a development team graphics team and translation team. The development team has the technical personnel 10 people who have a wide range of expertise, and create a blueprint using the 3DCAD, to create a three-dimensional sample in-house cutting machine. The graphics team has a design dedicated computer and designers 25 people, they do data, creation of catalog package and prototyping and photography. The translation team has the 8 people the translator. They are promoting a multilingual deployment of products make the translation to English and other languages. They're capable of rapid product development by performing all the processes and work in-house.

They also have to provide products at low cost and high quality of producing the materials in China around the factory. Initially, their chairman went to China alone while there is without contact. At that time, he was talking to the Chinese that sat chance to sit next to on an airplane. Its chairman was started with groping asked to introduce a manufacturing factory from him. Later, they participated sure in China Fair. They have more than 350 locations, manufacturing plant in China currently. ArTec production management system, it is excellent in any factory. They check the product in 200 people subsidiary, and they visit on a regular basis around the factory. This, their products are kept high quality.

Their human resource development is also unique. They considered "development force company of life", New employees to focus on thoroughly product development between the joining after 9 months.
 As a result, teaching material "Brain nurtures Playbook" series (it is a set item, repeat learn Playbook and toys brain develops while playing) was developed by new recruits of the 2010 fiscal year. Whereby they were also allowed to start a publishing company business. And they are newly deployed collaborated its products and character of NHK "Pakkororin". New recruits of the 2012 fiscal year, they were analyzed by collecting such of the world 15 languages textbooks. Thus, they were a commercialized science experiment teaching materials "Hands-on-Lab" 84 species towards each grade. Children around the world have come to love science by their products.


ArTecBlocks has a structure to overturn the common sense that you can connect to the vertical and horizontal and diagonal. It's not possible with conventional color block. You cannot be the only pile it on top in the conventional block. Therefore, children cannot make the works of their image. It had a problem that is too difficult to make a certain degree of magnitude more work for small children. However, if small children use the ArTecblocks, they can be easily created the image. ArTecBlocks toys that is suitable to foster imagination and expressive power of children. In addition, the characteristics of the ArTecBlocks not only general block play, math (ninety-nine, multiplication, division, the Pythagorean theorem, etc.) thing can also be used to and art expression. And Artech block has evolved to the robot teaching materials children can be assembled experience. You can make any robot by simply plugging all the parts, such as LED and sensor, board, DC motor to "Robotist". It will go a major impact on the robot education.

Their upcoming deployment

ArTec is a strategy for the future by fusing the "They're good at Learn by touching by hand experience education" and "IT teaching materials". In addition, they have already delivered nearly 50 countries around the world by a unique product development capability. "We're a unique company that corresponds to the educational needs of the world." They will now also grow.

ArTec Co., LTD.
○Address:   3-2-21, Kitakameicho, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0066, Japan
○TEL:   +81-(0)72-990-5505
○FAX:   +81-(0)72-990-5525
○Homepage:   http://www.artec-kk.co.jp
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