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FUJI ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD. We are the leading company for precision hardening technologies.
Hot Co., Ltd. We are a company of primarily young people with a low average employee age.
Kyoritsu Heat Techno Co., Ltd. ””Heat Treating”” is the Skill that Puts Spirit into Metals
Misawo Seiko Ltd. From lost wax casting to product processing, we do it all.
Mizutani Seiko Co., Ltd. If you are a necessary small-lot custom-made parts of the round material, please ask to technology proven reliability of Mizutani Seiko
Rika Industiries co., ltd. We offer a complete range of surface processing solutions including heat processing and coating!
Sanyo Co., Ltd We conduct unified manufacturing from springs, the pressing process and die products to unit assembly.
SHIMATANI GIKEN Co.,Ltd. We are a manufacturer who develops and manufactures plating system and peripherals such as semiconductors and electronic parts. Our products are particularly excellent for miniaturized electrode (conductive coating) plating system and suction type drying equipment.
TEIKOKU CHUCK CO., LTD. We pro-actively handle even difficult work, and are the No. 1 supplier of design chucks.
Toshin Netsuko Co., Ltd.


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