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Gold Industries Co., Ltd. We create value not to be No.1, but rather to be the Only One, and will continue to contribute to society.
KDK Co., Ltd. We provide cutting-edge technologies and equipment.
Kinki Clean Services Co., Ltd. Yao factory The burr problem is everything resolved by 'freezing deburring'! We will quickly process the burrs such as rubber or plastic.
Kyoei Kagaku Kotyo Co.,Ltd. We are trying to make acrylic processing estimates within 2 hours. And we can respond widely from companies to individuals and individually from small lot to mass production. And we can cope with other than acrylic by collaborating with partner companies.
Lapis.co.ltd Our company plans, manufactures and sells toothbrushes and general oral care products. We also engage in full-color digital printing with no proof fees.
Misawo Seiko Ltd. From lost wax casting to product processing, we do it all.
NODA BRUSH CO.,LTD. We are doing everything related to the commercialization of brushes.
Orientalbrush Co.Ltd. Our products are inexpensive and high quality, and if you want, we also support a wide variety of small lots.
SEIWA SANGYOU Co., Ltd. We are a vertical manufacturing company that conducts everything from design to mass manufacturing and assembly.
TOKAI KASEIHIN Co.,Ltd. We respond to customer's request and make high quality resin products.


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