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Amisen Co., Ltd. Taking Specialized Wire Netting to the Next Generation: Elastic and Flexible Manufacturing
DIGIC Inc Please look to us for all our graphite packing and production management system needs.
Dink Co.,Ltd. We have the know-how who knows the wastewater of cardboard factory. As a result, we've been to clean a large number of industrial wastewater. Industry deliveries of our ”GOEMON” (primary treatment) and the ”Rotation JIRAIYA ”(secondary treatment) is the top market share!
FUJITA METAL MFG CO., LTD. Manufacturing Safe and Dependable Products while Focusing on Quality
HOKOKU Co.,Ltd. Our uniquely refined technologies are gentle to both people and the planet.
Ikegami Kinzoku Co., Ltd. Spinning process. We carefully and reliably make trial production and mass production.
IMG, K.K. Our company provides products that meet every kind of need.
Inui brush industry Co.,Ltd. Design, manufacture and sale of toothbrush
Kimura Soap Industry We have been manufacturing and distributing detergents and cleaners since 1924. We cherish tradition, and manufacture our products with human and environmental safety in mind.


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