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Misawo Seiko Ltd. From lost wax casting to product processing, we do it all.
Morioka Precision co.,ltd Please contact our company if you are wondering exactly how small you can make your products.
NISHIMURA CO., LTD. Our company performs integrated manufacturing from development to manufacturing, and has achieved top market share in the door hinge manufacturing industry.
Non-Scale, Co., Ltd. Special-Order Hardware; Decorative Hardware Planning, Design, Manufacturing and Construction; Special-Order Furniture and Shops
OSAKA MANUFACTURING INC. Osaka Manufactory seeks the harmonious fusion of micro and precision processing technologies with large-scale processing technologies.
OTSU Co.,Ltd. We have established a unique unified system to provide high-quality products.We started efforts to easily change the frame painting color by simply designating the part number from 2016. It is ”color order system”.
Sakura Seiki Co., Ltd. The dexterity to create anything, and the kind of originality that can only be created by us.
Seiko Industry Co., Ltd. Our company's characteristic is that the average age of employees is in their thirties. We are focused on capital investment so that we can respond to various customer's requests and are growing day by day.
STG co.,ltd. We can produce integrated casting from magnesium casting to finishing. In addition, we have three bases in Japan, China and ASEAN countries. Therefore, we can offer customers the best choice in quality, delivery time and cost.
Taihei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Our goal is to be a group of reliable and trustworthy engineers.


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