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Notes on Usage

We convey to the world the benefits of manufacturing businesses in Yao City.

Yao City ranks third in the prefecture in terms of both number of businesses and value of manufactured goods shipped (as of December 31, 2007). Yao is the "city of manufacturing," and has a large concentration of medium and small-scale businesses. This web site was created to convey the benefits of these manufacturing businesses on the internet.

About Yao Monozukuri Net

Yao Monozukuri Net is a portal site for manufacturing businesses located in Yao City.

This site contains information on businesses engaged in manufacturing located within Yao City, and conveys the benefits of these monozukuri (manufacturing) businesses to the world.
Structurally the Yao City Business Information Database makes up the main source of content on Yao Monozukuri Net.
In addition to the Yao City Business Information Database, we plan to regularly create and post new content that conveys the benefits of these businesses.


About the Yao City Business Information Database

The Yao City Business Information Database is a collection of detailed information on approximately 1000 manufacturing businesses located in Yao City (as for April 2010) viewable on the internet.

Business information included in the database is collected by examiners who visit each business individually.
For this reason, the information presented is superior in terms of both quantity and quality.
Searches can be performed not only by keyword, but also by commodity type, industry, and processing method.

Search by Commodity
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Search by Processing Type
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Usage Notes

  • This site presents information on manufacturing businesses located in Yao City. By working to increase inter-business transactions in the areas of sales channels, orders, and research and development, this site seeks to promote and vitalize manufacturing in Yao City.
  • The information contained on this site does not reflect any sort of judgment on the part of Yao City regarding trustworthiness in terms of business transactions. Furthermore, Yao City does not guarantee the accuracy, safety, or efficiency of any information contained on this site.
    We ask that users take personal responsibility in ascertaining the trustworthiness of specific businesses by contacting them directly or by other means. Please be aware that Yao City assumes no responsibility for any sort of trouble that arises from the information contained on this web site.


For Inquiries Regarding this Home Page, New Records, and Other Topics

Innovation Promotion Officer, Yao City Charm Creation Department
1-1-6 Shimizucho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture 581-0006 Japan
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※Unauthorized reproduction and/or reprinting of articles and photographs posted on this site is prohibited.

Usage Notes

The medium and small businesses support center aims at the activation of Yao City.

We support medium and small businesses in Yao City in a number of ways! We provide support to resolve a variety of issues for all medium and small-scale businesses.

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