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DAIKOU SEIKI CO., LTD At our factory we manufacture and process products quickly and at low cost. We handle orders ranging from small lots to mass production.
Hosiden Corporation. As a comprehensive electronic part manufacturer, we contribute to the development of the electronics industry.
HYDRAULIC CO., LTD. Hydraulic press
ISEL CO., LTD. A Development-Type Enterprise that Sells Ideas
Kashihara Keiki Co.,Ltd. We are proud of our development, technical and production capabilities, with the first priority being to make products that are ”safe” and ”reassurance”. We continue to challenge new possibilities for fluid measurement by combining advanced IT technology, molding technology, analysis technology and design technology.
KDK Co., Ltd. We provide cutting-edge technologies and equipment.
Kinki Clean Services Co., Ltd. Yao factory The burr problem is everything resolved by 'freezing deburring'! We will quickly process the burrs such as rubber or plastic.
Lock Fastener Co., Ltd. Manufacture and Sales of Lock Nuts and Specially Machined Nuts, Centered on Stainless Steel
Misawo Seiko Ltd. From lost wax casting to product processing, we do it all.
Mizutani Seiko Co., Ltd. If you are a necessary small-lot custom-made parts of the round material, please ask to technology proven reliability of Mizutani Seiko


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