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Artec Co., Ltd. We are a top manufacturer of school supplies, and are here to answer all the educational needs.
JTS KANSAI CO., LTD. We Use Silk Printing to Provide High Quality, Short Turnaround, Low Cost Nameplates
NAKATA Co., Ltd. We engage in small-volume manufacturing of a variety of product types, and can handle rush orders for prototypes and products in development.
Satou-Neji. Cmm What do you need? If you have a special product, visit Satou-Neji!
TAKAYOSHI Co., Ltd. We're good at boring processing and thick plate using the index of the roll and shaft of 1m ~ 2m (T200 × 500 × 2000). Additional We mainly received a request from the universities and research institutes, also challenged the 1mm or less of processing, such as laboratory equipment.
YAMAMOTO METAL TECHNOS CO., LTD. Trust the technological skills of YAMAMOTO METAL TECHNOS for your precision machining needs.


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