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FUJITA METAL MFG CO., LTD. Manufacturing Safe and Dependable Products while Focusing on Quality
Inoue Kasei Industry corp. We are engaged in plastic injection molding such as core-free mold and thin-wall molding.
Inui brush industry Co.,Ltd. Design, manufacture and sale of toothbrush
Kumagai Electric Co., Ltd. We give support for your company's difficult processes with our unified development, manufacturing and sales system!
Maruichi Industrial Co., Ltd. We support the needs of our customers in the two production base of Japan and China.
müpack · Ozaki Corporation We promise technology, quality and delivery time. If you are concerned about the slider pouch please consult us. müpack · Ozaki has technology to make the smallest slider pouch in the world.
NODA BRUSH CO.,LTD. We are doing everything related to the commercialization of brushes.
Paper World Corp.
SKO Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer of few slide fasteners in Japan
Sunny electrification industry Co., Ltd. We are capable of order-manufacturing products in accordance to the needs of a range of industries.


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