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We are trying to make acrylic processing estimates within 2 hours. And we can respond widely from companies to individuals and individually from small lot to mass production. And we can cope with other than acrylic by collaborating with partner companies. Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Chemical Industry
Kyoei Kagaku Kotyo Co.,Ltd. 

Company premise
Company president
Treasure ship
We principally deal in Acrylic, besides PVC, Polycarbonate, PET, ABS, Ather Resins and Wood etc.
The processing contents are mainly NC Cutting, Laser Engraving, Bending Processing, Polymerization Bonding, Silk Printing, Acrylic Hemispherical Dome, Plate Cutting, Bending Pipe and so on.
We use NC machining centers as 12, 8, 4, machining centers. And it can process up to 25 axes at once.
The forming furnace has a size of 2200 mm x 1750 mm so it is possible to bend 2000 mm.
And the laser processing machine can cut up to 2000 mm × 1500 mm, thickness up to 20 mm.
Management Philosophy
01, Our company permanently carries out activities aimed at happiness of employees and their families.
02, Employees love the company, the company loves employees.
If employees fall into crisis, the company will fully support it.
Likewise, if the company falls into crisis, employees will keep this in unison.
03, We think that we have the cause of all the events that happen to ourselves. And we never live positive without changing responsibility to others.
04, We make use of our specialty field, and we will definitely become a company that is needed from society by contributing to people, groups and communities.
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Acrylic ResinCutting · Carving · Printing · Bending · Pipe・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Screw and Hole Processing
・Other Plastic Processing
Furnitures, parts, etc.
WoodCutting · Carving・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Screw and Hole Processing
Other ResinCutting · Carving · Printing · Bending・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Screw and Hole Processing
・Other Plastic Processing
Work piece
Manufacturing Capabilities
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
Machining center MC-47B manufactured by Kikukawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.Table size 1200 × 2000Table size 1200 × 2000
NC 4-axis NCF 48-4 manufactured by Kikukawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.Table size 1200 × 24001 Unit
NC 8-axis NCF 48-8 manufactured by Kikukawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.Table size 1200 × 24001 Unit
NC 12-axis NCF 48-12 manufactured by Kikukawa Iron Works Co., Ltd.Table size 1200 × 24001 Unit
Panel saw P2300 manufactured by Tanaka-Kikai Co.,Ltd.It can cut to W 2500 x H 24002 Units
Elevating panel Y-GWS-12 manufactured by MEGAROTECHNICA CO.,LTD.1 Unit
Forming furnaceSize 1750 × 22001 Unit
Bending heaterBend effective size W 1300 possible2 Units
Large planar manufactured by Kuwahara Manufacturing Co., Ltd.1 Unit
Compact planar EP-150 manufactured by MEGAROTECHNICA CO.,LTD.1 Unit
Laser processing machine GCC Laser pro C-180Maximum processing size up to 420 × 297 5 mm possible1 Unit
Laser processing machine GCC Laser pro spirit GLSMaximum processing size 860 × 590 8 mm possible1 Unit
Sei Laser MERCURY 1520Maximum processing size 1500 × 2000, thickness up to 20 mm possible. However, we require consultation about thickness 30 mm.1 Unit
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
We support a wide range from prototypes to mass-produced products and from individuals to companies.
If there is hope for your delivery date, we will try our best to accommodate your request.
Company Infomation
Address 4-63, Yamagacho, Yao City, Osaka, 581-0812, Japan 581-0812, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-922-1681
FAX +81-(0)72-923-4879
Representatives Keigo Inagaki
Date of Establishment 1951
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 15 people
Industry Chemical Industry
URL http://www.kyoeikagaku.com/


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