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We pro-actively handle even difficult work, and are the No. 1 supplier of design chucks. Inquiries to this Company Japanese

General Machinery and Instruments Manufacturing

Company Overview

Our company operates under the brand name ""SOUL"", and began operations in 1926. We are a pioneer of scroll chuck manufacturing in Japan.
In 1969 we led the industry in beginning development of mass production-use design chucks. Our company has the largest variety of car part-use design chucks in Japan, and enjoys the No. 1 domestic share in this area. Our company also has international cooperation in after-service from companies including ITW-Workholding (USA) and Forkaldt (EU). Our company continually challenges itself to be the manufacturing leader of every age.

A design chuck is an order-made work holding tool designed and manufactured to have an optimum structure for a given work configuration, level of process precision, set of work conditions, or machine being utilized. The design chucks made by our company are utilized in a wide array of domestic and international automobile part processing lines. Our company proactively handles difficult and high-risk requests, and in the rare circumstances when a problem arises, we always give the highest priority to its resolution.
In the area of automobile parts our company has performed over 100,000 varied layouts, and is skilled at oscillating, claw lead-in, claw rotating, finger, collet, diaphragm and other structures, as well as combination designs of these. We carefully design and select the steel grades for each individual processed part, and deliver these products fast. Our company is fully capable in all stages of the manufacturing process including high-precision processing, heat treating, finishing, assembly, inspection, shipping and delivery.
Domestically, we receive requests for our design chucks both directly and from set makers, and we sell our products to automobile makers and automobile part makers. Internationally we perform sales to machinery makers through our local cooperating partner, the machine and tool trading company ITW Workholding Group. Additionally we sell our products to companies engaged in construction machinery, bearing, and air conditioning manufacturing. Our company has the top domestic share of design chuck deliveries and sales.
1 We will provide products that contribute to the profitability of our customers as well as a level of service that satisfies our customers.
2. We will work towards high profitability, and contribute to the development of the industry and the region.
3. We will endeavor to create a safe and comfortable work environment, and will work to improve the well-being of our employees.
Received the Medium- and Small-Business Research Center Award (1995)
Selected for Inclusion in the Healthy Manufacturing 300 Medium- and Small-Businesses List (2006)
Selected for Inclusion in the Healthy Osaka! Manufacturing Enterprises List (2009)
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Steel MaterialsOur company possesses processing technologies that allow the manager to ensure the accurate finishing of every part in every process up to heat treating based only on the final blueprints for the part, regardless of the configuration.・Machined, Ground or Polished
・Screw and Hole Processing
Chuck Parts
Steel MaterialsOur company possesses heat treating capabilities that allow us to manufacture products that adhere to the materials and quenching levels indicated in the blueprints.・Heat TreatedChuck Parts
Heat Treating SteelOur company possesses grinding technologies that allow us to process difficult to retain products to micro-level tolerances as indicated in the product blueprints.・Machined, Ground or PolishedChuck Parts
Chuck PartsOur company is capable of assembling complete products based on multiple constituent part assembly charts while confirming against defects.・Assembly and WiringCompleted Chucks
Completed ChucksOur company possesses inspection capabilities that allow chucks with differing mounting structures to be machine assembled and then given a pass/fail judgment as the product is confirmed as to whether it meets the customer's overall requirements.・Other ProcessingCompleted Chucks
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
NC LatheUBL : Ball Lock Chuck/Especially suitable for 1st op. turning・Machine Tools
NC LathePin Arbor Chuck/Jaw pull down type・Machine Tools
NC LatheMUL : Multi-Jaw Chuck/Suitable for thin cylindrical work pieces・Machine Tools
NC LatheGC : Gear Chuck/Clamp the pitch line of gears.・Machine Tools
GrinderMDC : Diaphragm Chuck/High-Precision・Machine Tools
Machining CenterDesign Chucks and Clamp jigs for machining centers・Machine Tools
Manufacturing Capabilities
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
Lathe41 Units
Machining Center21 Units
Milling Machine15 Units
Drill Press10 Units
Saws and Cutting Machines5 Units
Grinder25 Units
Surface Grinder10 Units
Tool Grinder8 Units
Electrical Discharge Machine5 Units
NC Jig Grinder1 Units
Jig Borer2 Units
3D Measuring Equipment3 Units
Heat Treatment Equipment (2 Carburizing Furnaces)1 Units
Various Testing and Inspection Machines20 Units
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
8 Patents Related to Chucks (Of which 2 are International and Domestic Patents)
6 Design Patents Related to Chucks (Of which 1 is an International and Domestic Design Patent)
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
・ISO 9001:2000  Acquisition:2000
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
Order Handling: (1) Our company has performed over 100,000 layouts, and can handle almost all car parts. Our sales engineers provide chucking technology guidance and development assistance, including the degree of difficulty, based on the needs of the customer. (2) No do-overs for car part finishing. Thanks to our barcode progress management system we can provide quick turnarounds of 1.5 months from the confirmation of specifications, and under one month for repeat orders. (3) All of our delivered design chucks are maintained in our complete blueprint management system, and we can immediately begin manufacturing even individual parts for design chucks dating back over 10 years. (4) In the event that there is an addition or change to a customer's manufacturing work, we can evaluate whether the current chucks can accommodate the changes, and then design and manufacture only the necessary parts.
Company Infomation
Address 2-1-50, Kita Kyuhoji, Yao City, Osaka 581-0071, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-923-1821
FAX +81-(0)72-992-5457
Representatives Tetsuyuki Terasaka
Date of Establishment 1926
Capital 95,180,000 yen
Number of Employees 160 people
Industry General Machinery and Instruments Manufacturing
URL http://www.teikoku-chuck.com


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