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We have established a unique unified system to provide high-quality products.We started efforts to easily change the frame painting color by simply designating the part number from 2016. It is "color order system". Inquiries to this Company Japanese

Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing
OTSU Co.,Ltd. 

Quon Brand Image
Tokyo Showroom
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Cafe Location Image
Semi-automatic welding machine
Professional Overlay Processing
Our company manufactures the entire range of commercial-use furniture including wooden chairs, sofas, metal chairs and table legs. We also develop products with original designs produced by our in-house designer and handle many special orders that conform to the customers' orders.

"Starting Our Own Brand" Otsu Co., Ltd. (Sales Company for Maruni Products)
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its founding, Otsu launched a new brand called "Quon" integrating all of our products. The brand name Quon was created by combining the three keywords of high "quality," a "universal" outlook, and our unique "only one" product development process. Within this name is embedded our philosophy toward manufacturing, which states that in order to create unwavering value we must continually evolve in response to the age. We promise to forever continue providing high quality and refined designs that have no equivalent in the world.
Our company prides itself on its in-house manufacturing, which is based on the concept of "quality with value." We are pioneering adopters of the latest technology and equipment including welding robots, pipe benders, spinning machines, and automatic cutting machines. We continue on to this day as manufacturing professionals.
Our company has a history of accomplishments in supplying commercial-use furniture to a wide range of enterprises including tea rooms, restaurants, karaoke boxes, chain stores, and commercial facility food courts.
Our company conducts exhaustive quality management based on unified manufacturing and sales, and supplies reasonably-priced products that offer value with high safety, endurance, sensibility and design qualities.
*The laying craftsman at our company was recognized as a "Yao Manufacturing Master" for 2009. Additionally, he was recognized as an "Artisan of Naniwa" for 2010.
For detailed information, please visit the site below.

*Our company was awarded the Osaka Manufacturing Excellent Business Award (2011).
Technical Area Information
Processing Technologies  Divided into Three Manufacturing Categories: Materials, Processing and Manufacturing
MaterialsProcessing TechnologiesProcessingProducts and Uses
Steel SheetsFold-Bending Utilizing a Turret Punch Press・Sheet Metal Processing, Canning, Bending or Cutting
・Surface Processing 2 (Coating, Polishing, Etc.)
Angle Bases for Table Legs
Steel SheetsProcessing Utilizing Spinning Machines・Surface Processing 2 (Coating, Polishing, Etc.)
・Other Processing
Circular Bases for Table Legs
Steel PipesBending Processing Utilizing a Pipe Bender・Sheet Metal Processing, Canning, Bending or Cutting
・Screw and Hole Processing
・Surface Processing 2 (Coating, Polishing, Etc.)
Steel Chairs
Artificial Leather and ClothSewing and Laying Processing Utilizing an Automatic Cutter・Sewing
・Other Processing
Sofas, Etc.
Final Products  Products that Utilize the Commodity Items and Technologies Possessed
Steel ChairsChair Frames・Furniture and Wood Products
SofasCutting and Sewing・Furniture and Wood Products
Steel Tables Table Legs・Furniture and Wood Products
Manufacturing Capabilities
Machinery and Equipment Possessed
Machine NameProcessing CapabilitiesNumber of Machines
Pipe Bender7 Units
Press70t1 Units
Press50t1 Units
Press35t1 Units
Press15t1 Units
Variformer1 Units
Lathe2 Units
Welding Robot1 Units
Flash Butt Welding Machine1 Units
Press Brake30t1 Units
Pipe Cutting Machines: Multiple Varieties3 Units
Yamazaki Micro Disufuwazon1 Units
Fully-Automatic Welding Machine3 Units
Semi-Automatic Welding Machine5 Units
Arc Welding Machine5 Units
Argon Welding Machine1 Units
Electric Sewing Machine/Computerized Sewing Machine7 Units
Automatic Cutting Machine1 Units
Main Product Manufacturing Capabilities
We conduct catalog sales, and also handle special orders and prototypes.
Company Infomation
Address 2-1-1, Kusune-Cho, Yao City, Osaka 581-0814, Japan
TEL +81-(0)72-996-8708
FAX +81-(0)72-996-8472
Representatives Yasuko Kajihara
Date of Establishment 1961
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 53 people
Industry Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing


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